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If you consent we will retain your information for a longer period of time (12 months). We will use this to contact you regarding letters of support for our continued funding, and similar matters.

About the Course

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Hint: Check the training calendar before selecting a date! Quiet dates are more likely to be accepted.

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Estimating Resource Usage

The information provided here will be used to judge the request as reasonable. This sections is especially import for us to judge the amount of resources to allocate to your training.

These are available on the Galaxy Training Network.
If you are using official training materials: which ones? Please provide the topic and material name, or URLs so we can find it.
If not using official training materials, can you provide URLs to your workflows, or just simply a list of all tool IDs that you will run. We need the internal Galaxy tool IDs (if you right click a tool in the Galaxy UI and copy link location, the link will contain the tool ID).

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