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Galaxy Australia is proud to provide Training Infrastructure as a Service (TIaaS) for the Galaxy training community. You provide the training, we provide the infrastructure and cover all costs.

Why TIaaS?


All costs are covered by the Australian BioCommons for Australian users.


Priority job queue to service your training event effectively. See our Event Dashboard.


No maintenance or administration required.


Official Galaxy Training materials are regularly tested and highly reliable.


We have access to large computing capacity, some of which is dedicated to provide training for our service. Anyone who provides training using Galaxy is eligible to request the use of this service.

Please register at least 2 weeks before your event in order to be approved!

How does it work?

We have several "pools" of resources attached to Galaxy Australia that are reserved for running training events. A TIaaS training event is assigned a priority to this resource pool and provides stability and predictability in tool run time. It has the added bonus, for the trainer, that all jobs can be tracked by status (Queued, Running, Complete or Error) allowing for real time control of the workshop progress. Access to the training priority queue ends after the training event, user data remains accessible on Galaxy and user jobs revert to the main job queue.

TiaaS events are subject to Galaxy Australia’s Terms of Service and Privacy Statement. We will do our best to have this service online and functioning during the entire time period but there are cases where the service may experience interruptions that are outside of our control. Where possible, Galaxy Australia will notify trainers of any known disruption before the associated training dates.

After approval you will receive two links (Join and Status). Trainers are encouraged to test their training material inside the TIaaS resource pool leading up to the training date(s).

Check our current schedule with the training calendar.